Friends of FRH

The Friends of FRH / Les Amis de FRH is an association set up by La Fondation Roi Baudouin under the patronage of Philippe le Hodey and Roseline de Carmoy.


The Friends set out to ensure that the issues facing Europe’s religious heritage are better understood particularly by those who may be in a position to influence decision making in Brussels. They enable FRH to meet interesting personalities to contribute to the future life of the association and it helps raise money to ensure FRH’s continued independence.

Since its creation in 2011, FRH has raised over € 600k from its members and supporters.

FRH proposes a programme for Friends to visit interesting buildings and to meet those active in the sector. For all questions concerning the Friends please contact Ms. Véronique de Bellaing at

Would you like to help us develop this network? Contact us!