October 22nd Webinar

October 22nd Webinar

The topic of the webinar was the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 for the cultural heritage sector. The length of the webinar was one and a half hours.

The webinar included four speakers:

Catherine Magnant, Head of Unit for Cultural Policy – European Commission

Hae Un Rii, President – International Scientific Committee, ICOMOS

Silvia Aulet, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Tourism – University of Girona

Jordi Mallarach, Executive Officer – Future for Religious Heritage

These speakers discussed the topic from the perspective of their fields, Catherine Magnant for the EU, Hae Un Rii for the international community, and Jordi Mallarach and Silvia Aulet for the FRH network.

The speakers’ presentations were also followed by a Q&A session. 

The recording of the webinar can be found here.