Managing major building projects in places of worship, Checklists and Learning Points, Historic Religious Buildings Alliance, UK, 2014. The PDF includes check lists of questions to consider at each stage of the building project, as well as Learning Points considering fundraising for such a project. It also includes some case studies, and sources of further guidance and information, although these last are specifically tailored for the UK.

Guidelines on ways of dealing with religious heritage objects. Museum Catherijneconvent, Netherlands, 2012, in English
The Guidelines consist of two instruments:
• the Roadmap for Reusing and Deaccessioning Religious Objects (‘Roadmap’), which describes procedures that owners can use for deaccessioning religious objects.
• the Religious Objects Assessment Guide (‘Assessment Guide’), which helps owners of churches to assess the cultural value of objects.

The Arthur Rank Centre
English guidance & information hub for anything to do with rural places of worship. The overall purpose of this resource is to support individual congregations in maintaining their building’s interior and exterior, the process of adapting their building for today’s needs, achieving the balance between conservation and mission, and helping to make our rural churches more accessible to more people, and the process of providing a sustainable future for their churches as places of worship.

Att vårda en kyrka, 2004, Swedish National Heritage Board and the Church of Sweden – in Swedish
Publication available online with project guidlines for conservation of churches and their interiors, intended for all managers as well as those working in and around churches.