UK: Seminar – "Detection and Prevention: Working in Partnership to Tackle Metal Theft and Other Environmental Crime"

Thursday 26th January 2012
10.15am – 4:30pm
Broadway House, Westminster, London

According to the Energy Networks Association, there were an estimated 100 reports of metal theft each month in 2009. Today, just two years later, there are now approximately 700 thefts per month and astonishingly 900 in the month of March alone. It is estimated that metal theft cost the UK a staggering £777m in 2010 alone. The ongoing turbulent economic climate and relentless rise in precious metal commodity prices (especially copper) has clearly contributed to the temptation to accumulate quick and easy cash by taking part in metal theft related crimes. Disturbingly, it is believed that organised crime networks are behind a significant proportion of these metal theft incidences.

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