UK Historic Religious Buildings Alliance – new website

This is an independently-funded group within the The Heritage Alliance (established in 2002 as Heritage Link). This is the biggest alliance of heritage interests in the UK and was set up to promote the central role of the non-Government movement in the heritage sector.

The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance was set up in 2008. They bring together those working for a secure future for historic religious buildings.

For everyone: Our free e-newsletter keeps everyone up to date with news and events concerning the future of historic religious buildings.

For members: We provide briefings to members on matters of mutual interest, help them share information with each other, and publicise their activities via the e-newsletter.   You can find out more about membership here.

Consultations: When appropriate, we provide a communication channel with government for our representative members, on matters affecting historic religious buildings in Great Britain.

The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance – Who we are.