UK – A photography exhibition on religious and cultural diversity in Turkey

“Sharing the Sunlight” Photography Exhibition displays profiles from the lives of people living in Turkey with all their differences and similarities to reflect the religious and cultural diversity of the country. Photographs were taken in Antakya, Istanbul, Mardin, Trabzon, Balıkesir, Antalya, and Van.

The photography exhibition depicting the stories of the people sharing the same sunlight and living together brotherly for centuries, reflects snapshots from people’s daily lives, their way of celebrating holidays, their prayers, and prayer places of people of different religions living in Turkey.

The exhibition also covers a selection of restored prayer places of the Christian and Jewish communities in Turkey. All these restorations that have recently been carried out are funded by Turkish public sources. Alongside the main exhibition there is a documentary film including interviews and a video slide show with additional photographs.

The 12 Star Gallery, situated within Europe House in Westminster, London

via Sharing the sunlight | Europe in the UK.