SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Website resource of churches at risk

This fantastic website is dedicated to the churches at risk in Slovakia. It is a part of an
ongoing research on the further use and adaptation of the christian sacral buildings
in Slovakia done by Ing.arch. Róbert Erdélyi at the Institute of History and Theory of
Architecture and Monument Restoration under the supervission of Prof. Ing.arch. Pavel
Gregor, PhD. The main aim of the project is to make an interactive database of all
the churches and chapells at the risk in Slovakia and raise the awareess of the current
alarming state. The project hopes to support the local initiatives and raising the funds
towards these unwanted buildings which are part of rich Slovakian history. Even though
this is not the final version, the website already has a database of churches at risk,
terminology section and basic protection manual.
More information in Slovak.