Literature and Articles

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2015 The Guardian (UK) – Christmas disco under gaze of angels as listed churches are put to new use – In English

2005 From Romanticism to New Age, Thomas Coomans - In English

2011 Helige Hus, Cathrine Slaaen - In Norwegian

2011 Prest – Spreng de Tomme Kirkene, Jan Arild Holbek - In Norwegian

2013 Revue des Arts Sacres - Conserver et renouveler. Considérations sur le patrimoine religieux en Allemagne – Jakob Johannes Koch - In French

The articles below compile the Featured article series of the FRH newsletter.

Literature available online

Sockenkyrkorna, Kulturarv och bebyggelsehistoria, 2008, made available by The Swedish National Heritage Board – in Swedish

Describes Swedish churches from the Middle Ages to 1950, both in the cultural landscape and its architecture.

Other literature


Loci Sacri - Understanding Sacred Places, Edited by: Thomas Coomans, Herman De Dijn, Jan De Maeyer, Rajesh Heynickx, Bart Verschaffel, 2012

Sacred places have long exercised a special fascination. Sacred places are not static entities but reveal a historical dynamic. They are the result of cultural developments and have varied multidimensional levels of significance. They are places where time is, as it were, suspended, and they are points where holy times and holy places meet. Sacred places are places apart.