NEW YORK TIMES – An Afterlife for Europe’s Disused Places of Worship

An article by Celestine Bohlen, June 2, 2014, appeared on the New York Times website and in the International edition of June 3rd.

BRUSSELS — When a church closes its doors, it is a sad day for its parishioners. When it is slated for demolition, it is a sad day for the larger community (…) Begun as a grass-roots movement in 2009, the Future for Religious Heritage took shape in 2011 as a network of groups from more than 30 countries, dedicated to finding ways to keep churches, synagogues and other religious buildings open, if not for services, then for other uses. (…) “We have to convince people that churches are not just for believers,” Olivier de Rohan-Chabot, president of the Future for Religious Heritage, said in an interview in Paris. “Suddenly, we have realized that this is a problem that concerns our civilization.”

Read the full article on the New York Times website here, or download a scan of the paper issue here: New York Times – An Afterlife for Disused Places of Worship