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The Friends of FRH / Les Amis de FRH is an association set up by La Fondation Roi Baudouin under the patronage of:

  • Philippe le Hodey
  • Roseline de Carmoy
Become a Friend of FRH

FRH has, since its creation in 2011, raised over € 600k from its members and supporters.

More funding is now urgently required to:

  • Maintain its office – essential for building awareness in Brussels and maintaining relationships with members. Nearly half of the costs of the office for the next three years are already underwritten;
  • Arrange a pan-European study of the sector and obtain EU funding for the organisational changes required to implement its findings;
  • Continue the development of Religiana. The prototype is now developed. The next step is to engage a project manager to extend the project within the four pilot countries.

FRH has been able to obtain European funding several times and is looking to obtain more, as both the association and the sector’s needs become better known. However, raising European funding is in itself costly. Moreover, it is essential that FRH can maintain its independence.

Financial support by its Friends is, therefore, vital for FRH’s future. Please contribute as much as you can.

Also do let one of us know if there are others we should approach.

Beginning of 2017, Véronique de Bellaing has joined FRH to help build relations with its friends. Véronique will be developing a programme of events and visits to enable friends to meet and discuss the important issues facing the sector.

Become a Friend of FRH