FRH: Voices of Culture and Heritage stakeholders group European Year 2018

FRH is proud to announce that we are among the 35 selected organisations to participate in the European Commission stakeholder’s group “Voices of Culture and Heritage”. Our participation will entail a number of meetings during which we will have an advisory role.

At the first stakeholder meeting on 26 April in Brussels, at which Council Member Lilian Grootswagers represented FRH, the hashtag #EuropeForCulture was launched. All have been asked to start using it in social media in order to enforce European culture and the European Year for Cultural Heritage 2018!

Apart from that, FRH also liaises with the EU institutions on the preparations for the Year. One of the topics discussed in the up-and-coming FRH Networkingforum of 9 May will be EYCH2018 and our membershipcontribution and involvement.


First Voices of Culture and Heritage stakeholder’s meeting in Brussels