FINLAND – Nordic Church Building Conference

28 August to 1 September 2013, Helsinki

The Nordic Church Building Conference of 2013 will be arranged in Helsinki, Finland with the theme The Room of Paradise – the Church and the Environment. The theme of the conference deals with the church building from several points of view: the theological, the architectonical, the artistic, the cultural and the ecological. The church buildings also stand for strong symbolic, emotional and cultural values. The Nordic Church Building Conference of the year 2013 deals with both topical questions and future perspectives. How do historical traditions and modern requirements meet when restoring and decorating churches. Which ecological demands are made on heating, usage and on the grade of use of the churches? How to make the church room more Ňexible to meet the changed spiritual and cultural needs?
The conference is addressed to theologians, architects, curators, artists and persons who are interested in the church building.

Note that three of FRH’s most active members, and promoters of this network, will speak:
Oddbjorn Sormoen from Norway (read his article from the newsletter here)
Henrik Lindblad from Sweden (read his article from the newsletter here) and
Crispin Truman from the UK  (read his article on the Venice conference here)

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