2013 Utrecht Call for papers


We want to hear about your work

…and welcome your abstract for either a mini presentation, a poster, or both!

Virtually every country in Europe now deals with a changing religious landscape. Flourishing religious communities abound in many parts of Europe, but there is a general tendency towards a more secular society. More and more churches, monasteries and convents for example, are losing their original function.  This not only puts the buildings in jeopardy but also the magnificent interiors and the religious treasures they contain. The Netherlands has witnessed a sharp decline in interest in ecclesiastical and monastic life, which by extension threatens the maintenance and conservation of the buildings and objects, and the future does not look encouraging.

How are movable religious objects and interiors protected in your country? What legal and organisational frameworks, or practical guidelines do you have to support your work? What are the consequences of different forms of ownership on the protection of the objects? Where are the gaps where you need more support?

The mini-presentations are 5 minutes long in plenum, the posters will be 1-2 A1 pages in landscape, hung in the coffee and lunch area. All presentations and posters will be available on the FRH website, and your work will feed into a final document as part of the outcome of the event.

Please send your abstract of maximum 1 A4 page to j.takke@catharijneconvent.nl by 8 September. Attach your abstract as a word document and indicate clearly in the email:

- Title of work
- Author
- Title (and organisation) of the author
- Short biography of the author (max 100 words)
- Whether the abstract is submitted for a 5 minute mini-presentation / poster / both

We look forward to reading your proposal! The Conference Committee will meet in September, after which you will be notified of the decisions.