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In 2010, Museum Catharijneconvent - the national museum for Christian art and culture in the Netherlands, took the initiative to devise fundamental solutions to the challenge with evaluation of religious heritage objects, in cooperation with various partners. These efforts culminated in the publication of the Guidelines on ways of dealing on religious objects. From 2013 onwards Museum Catharijneconvent is responsible for documenting and assessing the value of ecclesiastical art in the Netherlands. In this context, the museum will be focusing mainly on the closures of churches, monasteries and convents, which place a particular strain on the movable religious heritage.

FRH brings practical experiences into the European context, inviting the perspectives of a variety of organisation types, differing religions and denominations and management structures that vary between countries and sectors. The aim is to find new links that can create innovative solutions. The last conference organised by FRH was in Venice, in 2012, on the subject of “extended use of religious heritage buildings” meant finding uses that can co-exist with a continued religious use. Extended use does not always save the interior however, and alternative uses cause even more displacement of the interiors from their original contexts, so decisions must be made on how to manage these effects.

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands is at the heart of heritage management in the Netherlands and helps other parties to get the best out of our heritage. They are closely involved in listing, preserving, sustainably developing and providing access to the most valuable heritage in the Netherlands.They are the link between policymakers, academics and practitioners. They provide advice, knowledge and information, and perform certain statutory duties that have been assigned to them.

The event is also supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.

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