Unique 19th-Century British Church in Pontresina reveals its charm for visitors

NINETEENTH-CENTURY BRITISH VISITORS AND THEIR CHURCH IN PONTRESINAHistoric English church architecture in Switzerland highlights the importance of the 19th-Century summer seasons by presenting in the Museum Alpin Pontresina some well-known British personalities who visited Pontresina and the built heritage that they left behind but which sadly no longer exists.
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Halle Conference: the Report

More than one hundred delegates from over twenty different countries met to support religious heritage conservation in rural areas at the third biennial conference organised by Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) in Halle (Saale), Germany in October 2014, titled “Sustaining Europe’s Rural Religious heritage”.

FRH Conference in Halle 2014, Report

The Netherlands: Manifestation – Stilte aan het Werk (Silence at Work)

ESK Chapel in EIndhoven

13 April – 27 May

The manifestation, Stilte aan het Werk (Silence at Work), will demonstrate how contemporary silent experiences can be designed, in the ESK Chapel in EIndhoven, from 13 April. At the core of this manifestation is the stilte proefruimte (silent test space), a silent space inspired by the values and experiences of the user. The space is open to visitors until 27 May and offers a place to those seeking a moment of rest, or, who are interested in new forms of silent experiences.

Manifestation stimulates dialogue on the reuse of churches as rest spaces 

The manifestation is connected to the current debate on re-use of religious property. WIth the silent test space, the project focuses its attention on the needs of possible users, rather than the conditions laid out by the religious community, church board and councils. To complete this manifestation, the Werkplaats van de Stilte (SIlence Workshop) will publish its recommendations and conditions for the design of a silent space.

Experience silence alone, but also with others 
The creative team from Silence at Work is made up of architect Liz Dewitte, designer Jennifer Bruinendaal,  artist Jan Dams and light designer Nadine van Amersvoort.  Their design has taken into account important moments during which visitors can experience a silent experience; in a meditative spot, but also while entering or being in the presence of others. In the framework of the manifestation there will be a silence themed lecture every Saturday, where silence will be considered from different standpoints. There will also be a silent café where visitors have the opportunity to record their experience as part of the research.

The manifestation will open officially with a lecture by Erik Borgman (professor Theology at the University of Tilburg) with the title Relief from an overcrowded world. On the desire for silence. The lecture will take place in the Eindhoven Student Chapel on 13 April. Doors open at 3.30pm.

See the leaflet in Dutch.

UK Conference: "The Church and the Community – How to make your Church Buildings work for the Congregation and the Community"

18 May 201, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Organised by the Church Buildings Renewal Trust

The conference will be of interest to the community groups, congregations, professionals, church groups, religious organisations and individuals with an interest in church buildings
The conference speakers will give practical information with examples of solutions to various problems facing those responsible for church buildings today to give those buildings new life.

Please see the brochure and attendance information here.

EUROPE Event – Open Churches

1 June 2012 onwards Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia

The participating churches will open their gates in the summer months and invite the visitors to enjoy the places normally closed to the public as well as a program of events.

The Night of the Churches is part of the Open Churches initiative and was first organised in Vienna in 2003. It aims to raise the awareness of the spiritual and cultural heritage of Christianity and local involvement of the public. Read more in German with links to the other national websites…

AUSTRIA Exhibition – St Francis of Assisi

9 December 2011 – 6 May 2012 The Diocesan Museum in Paderborn

The exhibition is dedicated to the great personality of St Francis of Assisi, the founder of the powerful Franciscan order. It is a first major exhibition in 30 years dedicated to the Saint in the German speaking area. Displaying more than 200 magnificent objects from the local museum and from the major world museum, the exhibition receives added value from the breathtaking architecture of the Padeborn monastery, and a contemporary film screening in the city centre. Read more in English…

CZECH REPUBLIC Exhibition – "Damaged churches in the north of the Czech Republic (1945-1989)"

Krásné Březno, 01.03.2012 – 27.03.2012

The exhibition at the newly reconstructed castle in Krásné Březno will show the disastrous effects of the communism on now neglected churches. More than 500 churches, chapels and synagogues are presented mainly through historic photographs and archival documentation. The exhibition will be shown publically from the 15th of February in the Oblastni Museum in Chomutov.
Download a free pdf catalogue and read more in Czech…


NORWAY Workshop – "Cultural Heritage Preservation"

The 2nd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation (EWCHP) is an European Cluster Workshop on research and development activities in the field of cultural heritage and its preservation for future generations. The workshop will take place on September 24–25, 2012 and an additional training day will be held on September 26th 2012. The 2nd EWCHP will take place at Kjeller, about 25 km outside of Oslo, Norway and will be hosted by NILU-Norwegian Institute for Air Research. The Organizing Committee is delighted to invite you to the 2nd EWCHP and looks forward to welcoming you.
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