ALTERheritage topic


Europe’s religious heritage shares threats of under-use, but also problems with managing large numbers of tourists. The sector has much to gain from increased international and inter-sectorial exchange to find good-practice models for building the capacity of the practitioners. ALTERheritage will increase the capacity of vocational learning targeted at practicing specialists involved in conserving, managing, and regenerating religious heritage, benefitting from international and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and resources.

ALTERheritage consists of a series of meetings, hosted by the partners. They will present guidelines, learning tools or methods that they are developing, and the partners will assess how the material can be adapted to their own circumstances. It will support academically well anchored, high quality tools that can build the capacity of vocational learning in the field across Europe. The results will inform future production of new learning tools on religious heritage conservation, management and regeneration in Europe, in support of their widespread practicability.The European stakeholders include religious and governmental bodies, charities and businesses, and the sector needs a closer link between academic knowledge and vocational practice. ATERheritage will transfer knowledge and experience between providers of informal vocational learning that represent different groups of these stakeholders and geographical areas. They will exchange experiences on vocational training for staff and volunteers of their own organisations and others, through silent partners.