ALTERheritage Seminars

ALTERheritage consists of a series of meetings, hosted by the partners. They present guidelines, learning tools or methods that they are developing, and the partners will assess how the material can be adapted to their own circumstances.

Upcoming seminars

June 2015 – Closing seminar in Leuven, Belgium

The last ALTERheritage meeting to take place in Leuven on 15-16 June

Le dernier meeting du Project ALTERheritage aura lieu à Louvain le 15 et le 16 Juin

Past seminars

March 2015 – Seminar in Cantabria, Spain

Host: Government of Cantabria

Number of participants: 25

Read more about the seminar via this article

October 2014 – Seminar in Bronnbach, Germany

Host: media k

Number of participants: 30

The project partners gathered in Germany to explore ways in which tourism can be beneficial for the sustainability of religious heritage buildings, as well as the potential for developing new tourism offers for sites that need more support. Read about the seminar in this article and in this press release (in German), or read this Report by Valerie Vermandel & Eva Weyns (Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation).

June 2014 – Seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden

Host: UoG

Number of participants: 30

The seminar explored the evaluation system developed in Sweden for underused buildings, to help find a sustainable purpose for them.

March 2014 – Seminar in Manchester, UK

Host: CCT

Number of participants: 50

This seminar gathered participants from the partner countries exploring the business plan developed for extending the use of religious heritage buildings.

ALTERheritage Bolton visit all delegates

November 2013 – Seminar in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Host: MCC

Number of participants: 130

This seminar aligned with the international FRH conference organised in co-operation with the Catharijneconvent, on the topic of movable religious heritage. Read more about the proceedings via the online report. It gathered 130 delegates from all over Europe.

Read a report on the seminar by John Gerrard here: Seminar Report

October 2013 – Kick off in Brussels, Belgium

Host: FRH

Number of participants: 10

The partners met to agree the framework for working on ALTERheritage and to get to know each other.

2013-10-14 Photo ALTERheritage partners